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 Aren Suarez, born in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) started from very small in the world of music. With 9 years was interested in technics dishes and the world of the dj's, after 3 years of dreams and hopes to achieve a DJ's has given his first cdj's table without taking a single idea how to use them. He started practicing at home for a long time, until he started playing at friends' parties and private parties underground, where his name was already beginning to be heard around the island (Lanzarote, Canary Islands) in many mouths. With 19 years began to be interested in the world of production will make several tracks but never see the light. At the same time started DJing in clubs and clubs on the island such as Factory, K-Che Club, Moon, Space Biosphere (Aqua, to date), The Bank (La Tropical, to this day), 928 Dance Club, .... and a hundred festivals in Lanzarote. A state-level insular Salas: Disco Big Ben (Tenerife), Disco Star (G. Canaria) and Piccadelly (G. Canaria). A cab compratir dj's like: Dj Char D, Hector Couto, David Ferrer, Accion Sanchez, Robert Garcia, Undercolors, Etc. .......... Shortly to say about this artist, do not have a default style as you can hear in your profile.

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Aren Suarez @ Big Ben (Tenerife) 5/11/2011
Aren Suarez @ Deep Blue Family (G. Canaria) 24/12/11